Greetings from Chinese cultural creativity!

The brand of “JIN” is derived from the Chinese character “JIN”, which means flowers and flowers, diverse and rich, beautiful and pure! Its logo is like a colorful brocade bird, collecting the wind in one. The words with special meaning also mean that the design and products of "JIN" will have unique charm.

Jin Design Factory is a cultural design company established in London, England to provide original design products. It mainly utilizes the resource advantages of the two places, engages in the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of products, and preferably operates original high-quality original design brand products, non-legacy innovative products, Chinese-style traditional craft products, and provides special quality products for British customers. Customized service.

The advantage of “JIN” is that it has been engaged in the research, development, production and sales of cultural and creative products in China for more than ten years, and has rich research and development resources and market advantages!

We are committed to discovering beauty and fulfilling them. We are committed to bringing together excellence and presenting them. We are committed to the cultural exchanges between China and the UK and will create a brand new Chinese brand image!